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Colors Available

Custom cuffs, if you don't find the color you want or your dog has a theme name ,or its article bag has a theme. I do make custom cuffs. To do that we need to talk first. If you send me a knit fabric there is no extra charge. If you send me any other kind of fabric that requires additional care so it looks good then it is an extra $3 per set of 3 gloves. If you have two color articles and want gloves to match we can do that too. Within the website you will find examples of both. If you have another idea, call me we can think of something.

NEW Fabrics for 2019

The Sparkles

left to right

1. Orange Glow

2. Royal Blue

3. Emerald green

4. Silver

5. Pewter (silver on black fabric)

6. Gold on black fabric

7. Bright gold

8. Bubblegum

9. Hot Pink

10. Turquoise

11. Bright Red

12. Iridescent black micro dots on velvet

13. Purple 

The Blues

left to right

1. Navy cotton rib knit

2. Dark blue rib knit

3. Royal blue rib knit

4. Unavailable

5. Royal blue in Sparkly spandex

6. Royal blue spandex

7. Medium blue rib knit

8. Wedgewood in rib knit

9 Baby blue cotton rib

The Pinks

Left to Right

1. Old rose rib knit

2. Hot pink cotton rib knit

3. Magenta rib knit

4. Bright pink cotton rib knit

5. Hot pink Sparkly spandex

6. Bubblegum Sparkly spandex

7. Fluorescent pink spandex

8. Pink polka dot spandex

9. Baby pink rib knit

Teal Turquoise & Mint

left to right

1. Dark Teal rib knit

2. Light teal rib knit

3. Turquoise rib knit

4. Turquoise spandex

5. Turquoise Sparkle spandex

6. Dark turquoise rib knit

7. unavailable

The Purples

left to right

1. Unavailable

2. Royal purple rib knit

3. Light orchid rib knit

5. bright orchid rib knit

6. Royal purple spandex

7. Purple Sparkly spandex darker in person

The Reds

left to right

1. Wine rib knit

2. Red rib knit

3. No longer available

4. Red spandex

5. Red Sparkly spandex

6. Dark wine spandex

The Greens

left to right

1. Hunter rib knit

2. Unavailable

3. Avocado rib knit

4. Lime rib knit

5. No longer available

6. Dark spruce rib knit

7. Kelly rib knit

8. Sparkly emerald spandex

9. Emerald Spandex

10.Florescent lime green spandex

Orange Brown Yellow & Tan

left to right

1. Dark orange rib knit

2. Bright orange rib knit

3. Orange spandex

4. Brown rib knit

5. Gold rib knit

6. unavailable

7. Intense yellow rib knit

8. unavailable

9. Fuzzy corduroy tan rib knit

White, gray and blacks

left to right

1. White cotton rib knit

2. White spandex

3. Gray rib knit

4. Black rib knit

5. Black spandex

6. Black iridescent dots on velveteen

7. Black rib knit with sparkles