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Dancer female Mastiff with Large Sweatshirt Hot Pink Sparkle

Karuso male Mastiff with Large flannel fleece with Orange spandex cuff

Cairn Terrier with small flannel fleece, Cuffs are custom fabric provided by customer. Extra charge for custom cuffs.


Medium Flannel/fleece with Silver sparkle cuff

Honor a German Shepard

Large Flannel with Black cotton rib

Miniature Pinscher

Itty Bitty sweatshirt with hot pink sparkles.

Border collie

Small Flannel/fleece with black rib knit

Dasher a Sheltie

Tiny Sweatshirt with orange cuffs.

Punkin an Akita

Large flannel with royal purple cotton rib knit.

Belgian Tervuren at NOC 2016

Medium flannel with Royal Blue spandex

Medium flannel

Cuff is hot pink spandex.

Ladd Border Collie

Medium flannel

Indy German Pinscher

Small flannel with blue cuff . Notice how the bright glove stands out in the corner of the ring on astroturf. pic by Carl Gernazio

Large Flannel with cotton gold cuff

Ch Otch Smarty Jones

Medium flannel with black cuffs

Sophie Shih Tzu

small sweatshirt Turq spandex

Am Staff Rescues with Bone fabric

Fabric was supplied by customer

P W Corgi

small sweatshirt

Mini Dachsund

Tiny sweatshirt white cuff


Itty bity (turq stripe out of stock)

Bebe Yorkie with Tiny swearshirt

Diva PW Corgi 11" 23#

Medium Sweatshirt orange cuffs

Itty Bitty with white cuff


Large flannel/fleece purple cuffs to match his purple articles

Close up of Airedale holding glove

Elsa Standard Poodle

Medium Flannel fleece

Dreamy a BC

With Medium flannel fleece with yellow spandex cuff.